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​​​TRAC is setting a nationally consistent competency standard which will ensure Total Quality Management of the Industry.

TRAC is a competency based training program, using the guidelines as set out by the National Training Board and Industry, for the Technical Rope Access Concept TRAC. It is NOT hours based. TRAC uses equipment & practices that comply with and/or exceed relevant standards. Our training maintains a 100% safety record.

Operators are also recertified after 12 months from initial training and every 24 months thereafter, to ensure all safety requirements and legislation is strictly adhered to.

Group training is available which will be tailored to your specific requirements/industry. We run courses on site as well as at our dedicated training facility in Northern NSW.

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Rope Access
Rescue Recovery

“Andrew Rogelja has been providing specialized training to Aqualift personnel for the past 10 years. During that time there has been a mix of re-training new and existing operators to improved techniques... Andrew has always embraced improvements as they have presented themselves, and this is what sets TRAC apart from other training operators within the rope access industry".

David Barry

Managing Director - Aqualift Portable Diving

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