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Roper System Equipment
ROPER SYSTEM - controlling the risk
Roper System ® wins international Good Design Award
Frank Malkoun - Lamrak Safety  "With over 50 years of exposure to heights in defence, law enforcement and infrastructure construction, I am confident in writing:- You don't know what you don't know about  this engineered Roper System until you aware of its characteristics and application in every working and fun scenarios that you can think of - brilliant.  A massive saving on resources, reduction in training time to maintain competency levels - one system for all applications; and its inbuilt rescue and safety features make compliance easy - a PCBU's best choice."

The patented Roper System is a simple multipurpose shock absorbing system controlled from either end, to raise or lower at any time with an integrated 30 second rescue plan, greatly reducing associated risks.


By using one system for every scenario users will be safer & more familiar with its operation.


A higher level of competency can be maintained, reducing risk of an accident caused by misuse.

The Roper System will enhance your safety culture, making it possible now to ‘walk the talk’.

  • Working at Heights, Fall Restraint & Rescue Recovery

  • Same kit, every scenario

  • 30 second rescue plan

  • Simple design = minimal training

  • Time & Cost effective

  • Through life service policy

  • Australian Standards  & CE Compliant

  • Supply Nation certified Indigenous Australian company

"Simple, I use it every day. I love it"  Lyle Davidson, Fire Rescue

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User feedback

Once they understand how it works, they get very excited.

“Easy one hand operation.”

“Prevents unintentional release superbly.”

“Best karabiner gate lock ever used.”

“Such a simple idea that works so well.”

“After using the prototype this is the only karabiner I will trust with my life, especially when hanging off a 100 storey high building.”

"The Roper System makes our job easy, it is safe, simple, multipurpose and
reduces associated risks. It ticks all the boxes".

Matthew Enright

Training co-ordinator, Mines Rescue

Users currently use triplocks and quadlocks. Users went from triplocks to quadlocks because the triplocks weren’t safe. The Locnut karabiner, once locked is 100% safe, and can be operated easily by one hand – this is extremely important.


Why is the Locnut different and innovative?

  1. Due to the different thread pitches, the Rogelja locnuts do not need to be physically or forcefully tightened up hard against each other to function as designed. The primary nut will automatically jam against the second nut with the lesser thread pitch causing the 2 nuts to jam/lock against each other.

  2. The primary nut must be backed off before any nuts can be moved.



Difference compared to standard common lock nuts.

  1. Common locking nuts must be manually forced against each other with the use of a tool (wrench or spanner) for the locking action to function. Tools must also be used to unlock the lock nuts. When subjected to vibration or other external forces, BOTH nuts will UNSCREW TOGETHER. 

  2. No tools are needed in the Rogelja Locnut. 1 or 2 fingers only are required to lock or unlock. This is due to the DIFFERENT THREAD PITCHES amplifying the locking action automatically.

Locnut Karabiner
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