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The WHS Act places the primary duty of care and various other duties and obligations on a ‘person conducting a business or undertaking’ (PCBU). By contacting us you are taking steps to “ensure that [workers] has available for use, and uses, appropriate resources and processes to eliminate or minimise risks to health and safety from work carried out as part of the conduct of the business or undertaking” WHS Act s27(5)


TRAC was the only ever method of Rope Access to be approved by WorkCover in the early 90’s.  Over 37 years, TRAC has an unmatched 100% safety record. Having trained over 5,000 technicians, the engineered TRAC system has had no failures.


TRAC technicians have chosen to use the TRAC system, as it complies with or exceeds Australian Standards. By choosing TRAC they: “take reasonable care for own safety; Take reasonable care to ensure acts or omissions do not adversely affect the health and safety of others” WHS Act: s28


All TRAC technicians have intermediate or above proficiency levels – giving a higher level of safety than other industry rope access competencies.

  • TRAC is competency based as per Australian standards, not hours based.

  • All components have a WLL and are rated to take a 2-3 person load of 275kg

  • All TRAC technicians:

  • can implement 30 second rescue plan

  • are able to work unsupervised

  • have minimum of 2 trained TRAC technicians on site at all times.

  • are able to perform relevant risk assessments, inspect & set up their own equipment.

  • use an engineered system


As part of our RTO partnership with Corporate Training Solutions, all TRAC courses cover a minimum of

  • RIIWHS204D Work safely at heights

  • MEM15004B Perform inspection


TRAC / Roper System competencies:

Level 1:       steep slopes, general work at heights, depths. Rescue of operator simple raise or lower with no obstacles.

Level 2:       vertical operations where rescue can be performed by a simple raise or lower with minimal assistance due to minor obstacles.

Level 3:       only required where a multi-level technical rescue may be required. Eg/ multi-pitch railway cutting, comms tower or storage silo.


Employers/PCBU are responsible for the on-going competencies of their workers. Once workers are deemed competent and valid by an RTO for 1,2 3 months or years, their responsibility is transferred to the PCBU to maintain.

By using the Roper System® - the safest and most practical equipment available, TRAC Technicians ensure their “Workers [are] given the highest practical level of protection to their health and safety from hazards and risks arising from work.” (Safework Australia). Contractors or personnel not using the TRAC Roper System® may be at an unnecessary higher risk of serious injury. Therefore, not allowing TRAC Technicians to use the TRAC Roper System greatly increases their risks.

The Roper System® is an Australian designed and engineered, internationally patented height safety system. It is a simple, multipurpose, shock absorbing system controlled from either end, to raise or lower at any time with an integrated 30 second rescue plan, greatly reducing costs and associated risks.


TRAC standards, and particularly when using Roper System® eliminates a significant series of PCBU’ concerns. Call us and ask WHY....

The patented Roper System® has set a new standard.  Now everyone working at heights can easily use an engineered system.  For further information, please visit and for specific information regarding the Roper System®

TRAC International is independently audited.

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