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Industry Rope Access


Height Safety and Rope Access accidents are being investigated fraudulently to get a favorable outcome, causing hundreds of serious injuries and deaths each year which could have been avoided.

After 30 years in the industry it concerns me that many accidents are not accidents at all. Most are inevitable due to incompetent trainers and unsuitable equipment for the task. Many incidences occur over and over with even the authorities unwilling to take a stand.

These incidents are happening all over the world in many different fields, all involving a fall from heights.

If you have had a rope access accident, send me a short email with brief details and I may be able to help you get justice and most importantly prevent further incidents.

Nobody else can claim the extensive knowledge and experience of TRAC, both in equipment manufacture, use and rope access systems.

Andrew Rogelja

Founder and writer of the Technical Rope Access Concept (initially approved by NSW WorkCover in 1992)

"I just wanted to ..let you know that doing your course was 1 of the best courses I have ever done it has opened my eyes and also most probably extended my life. I have been climbing trees for 20 years and we have been using lots of slings, tag lines, friction devices, lowering ropes, pulleys’, shackels, carabineers, different climbing ropes and all sorts ascenders and de-senders and not until doing the course did I actually relies how much more efficient and safely I could be using my gear and also understanding more on the safety aspect how all work weather working on a side of a building, under a bridge, on cliff faces or just doing what we do every day working in trees SHOULD be done. A lot of people would say its to over kill or its to safe or its slowing us down but I would honestly have to say these are the people that end up statistics in the front page of the paper seriously injured or even DEAD so again I just want to thank you so much for your excellent training and I would honestly say that i would recommend any body that wants to do a rope access course and walk away from the course with the most efficient and safest way to do any type of rope access work to make sure you do the TRAC INTERNATIONAL COURSE it’s the best".

Claude Anthony

Enviro Tree Works

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